When you’re a customer of a power company, you have to deal with Variable Rates. Even if you are set up with budget billing, it is still a Variable Rate because it goes up every year. Variable Rates represent two types of rates. To start with, rates with the power company can be variable throughout the year depending on what time of year it is and how much power you are consuming, so it’s always changing. It is also a Variable Rate because the rates do not stay the same from year to year. They are continually increasing so you never know what to expect and you can’t set an accurate budget.
By switching to solar, it’s completely different. You now have a Fixed Rate (Bill) that never goes up and stays the same for the term that you select. You now have something that can fit into your budget and you will always know what to expect each and every month and from year to year. The best thing is, you are taking ownership of your power now, and you will one day, have it paid off. More on that in the next section.

If you’re reading this and you own your home then this will come natural to you. Can you remember when you may have rented a home? When you did that, you were giving money away to someone else and you were not gaining any equity on the money you spent. You were essentially putting money into someone else’s pocket. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons you decided to pay for your home in cash or get a mortgage. Right when you did that, you decided to take ownership over the money your were spending and gain the equity on that money yourself. You decided to put that money back into your own pocket. Smart move!
NOW, with the program we work with here at Gaia Home, you can do the same thing with your electric bill. It’s one of the biggest reasons why millions of people all over the country are going solar right now. At the moment, you are most likely paying for an electric bill that’s probably in between $50-$500. It really doesn’t matter what your electric bill is, what matters is you are giving that money away to someone else’s pocket (Renting It) and you are not gaining any equity. If and when you decide to make the switch to solar, it’s practically doing the same thing for you as a mortgage did and you are taking ownership of that bill each and every month. So what does that mean for you? It means that you now have the ability to gain the equity on that same money and you have the opportunity to switch to solar for $0 down and no out of pocket expenses and all you have to do is pay the solar payment to pay off your panels instead of a high electric bill. By going solar, you are deciding to put the money back into your own pocket. If this sounds like something you want to do, please click here

Another reason people decide to take ownership over things is the fact that they don’t want to pay for it the rest of their lives. If you are renting anything, and you don’t make any changes, you will continue to pay for it forever. That’s why people decide to own things or pay things off with a payment plan. You select the term of payments, you make those payments, you make your last payment, and then you never have to pay for it again. How would that feel to have free and clean energy that’s being produced right there at your own home? Please click here to have one of our solar experts come out and explain how you and your family can start your journey toward free and clean energy.

What does all of this mean to you? And what if I am worried my age could make me a bad candidate to go solar? Those are all great questions! To start with, it means that by going solar, you are now Protected from the ever increasing electric bills we all are facing at this very moment and the 7.5% Inflation Rate. Here at Gaia Home, we like to call it the Unknown vs the Known. If you don’t know what’s going to happen to your electric bill, or any bill for that matter, doesn’t that seem like a liability? Without even taking the rate increases we have seen recently into consideration, and just going off the last 20 years, we have seen an average rate increase of 3.4%. The total you would be paying the power company over the life of the system is going to be 3-4 times the amount you will pay for your solar system.
It’s a huge risk to keep paying a bill that someone else has control over. That’s why going solar can truly Protect you and your family and become one of your families greatest Assets for decades to come. If you are on a fixed income, it’s more important than ever. By going solar, you can lock in a payment that you Know what it’s going to be and make sure the payment and term you select fits into your budget.
That’s the true beauty of being able to transition to solar and own your power and become Energy Independent. To learn more about how you can become Energy Independent, please click here.

Our installations here at Gaia Home are customized to fit each homeowners unique situation in regards to their roofs’ sun exposure. Depending on how good of a fit your home is for solar, one of our Senior Energy Consultants will be able to help tailor a design that you and your family can enjoy for decades. It is of utmost importance to us that you have a Customized Design that allows for top-tier performance and a system that is pleasing to look at.

Once our Senior Energy Consultant get’s the report together, they will then be able to walk you through what we do and how we do it and can answer any other questions that you may have. Our team takes care of every step of the process for our homeowners in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to Solar.

  1. Customized Design and Savings Report
  2. Roof Inspection: We take photos of your roof to ensure the most efficient design possible.
  3. Final Design: We will email you the final panel placement
  4. Permitting: We submit an application and your city issues a building permit (1-4 weeks).
  5. Installation: Upon permit approval, we will call you and schedule your installation (1-2) weeks).
  6. Inspection: The city sends an inspector to check the work (Less than a week).
  7. Net Metering: The utility company installs the net meter at your home (1-3 weeks).
  8. Energization: Your solar system gets to be turned on!

Along with this being a Hands Free process for you, we offer $0 out-of-pocket financing.  You essentially are taking the money that you give to the power company and you redirect and/or reallocate that same money back into your own pocket by paying off a solar payment.  It’s basically a Bill Swap and now you are taking ownership of the money that you spend each and every month.  You were going to spend that money regardless of going solar or not, so why not put that money into your home and make it an easy investment!?

There is no better time to go solar and Gaia Home is your go to company for your Solar Panel Installation.  Our number one priority are our customers and we will work with you to select the solar panels that are the best fit for your home.  And all of the technicians working on your project are trained and certified in order to ensure a safe and seamless installation. 

We only use tier-one black on black premium mono-crystalline panels for our solar installs and we do not use any Panels that have more than 8% degradation over 25 years.  We also are a Pro Trusted Installer for REC which gives our customers the very best protection possible in the industry today.  That’s a 25 Year Parts/25 year Performance/25 Year Labor Warranty.

The racking we use is designed specifically for hurricane grade winds and is the first thing to be installed on your roof during the installation process.  Once we get the racking installed, and it’s secure and checked, we then are able to slide the Panels right onto the racking for an efficient finish to the solar panel installation.  The electrical and technical work is being done throughout the entire installation process.

If you would like to learn more or get someone out to your home for your very own customized solar report, please just fill out a few details here.

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