Our Mission:

Making Energy Independence Possible for Homeowners Around the World

Our first priority is making sure all of our customers have a world class customer experience. In doing so, we want to help homeowners understand why transitioning to solar can benefit their family. We do this in a way that allows homeowners to remain comfortable while in their own home.

Many of our customers have told us they don’t like feeling pressured or pushed into a decision and that’s one reason why they decided to go with our company. We believe we have a world class sales process because we work with homeowners in a way that is easy, straight forward, and in a way that they don’t feel as if they are being pushed into something. All we want to do is to provide families with the most accurate information they can get their hands on. We do this because we truly want what’s best for each and every family.  

The 5 Principles that Gaia Home, Inc. was Founded Upon:

1. Strong Standard of Ethics
2. World Class Customer Service
3. Quality Assurance
4. Clean & Renewable Energy
5. Energy Independence

Helping You Become Energy Independent

During our consultations we want to explain to homeowners how they can truly become Energy Independent. There are three essential keys needed to do that and we would love to share those with you. By becoming Energy Independent, you are protecting yourself and your family from the monopoly of the power companies. You will always be in control of the cost and production of your power.

NOW, you are a Sovereign Being! You are free from the control of the power company and that’s exactly what we want to help homeowners around the world with. You produce your power, you store your power right there at your home, and you can charge your Electric Vehicle there too. And you still have power when the power goes out in your neighborhood. That’s Energy Independence!

Quality Products

All of the products that we use with any of our services are the highest quality products in the world and since we are doing so many installs, we are able to provide those products at the most affordable prices in the industry.